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    MASL Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine

         Function Introduction

    Mastec MASL series semiconductor side-pump laser marker is often called semiconductor YAG side-pump laser marker or diode YAG side-pump laser marker. Semiconductor marking machine takes semiconductor laser (with wave-length 808nm) diode pump Nd: YAG as medium. The medium produces a lot of reverse particles to discharge laser, the wave-length is 1064nm with strong pulse under the function of Q-switch so the efficiency of the electron-light transformation is high. Under the control of the computer the resonance mirror can change the path of the laser beam to accomplish automatic marking.

         Applicable Material: Suitable for all kinds of ordinary metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and all other metals), rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxides, ABS material (electrical appliances shell, daily necessities), ink ( translucent keys, print products), epoxy resin (electronic components, packaging, insulation layer) and so on.

         Applicable Industry: Electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, metal, auto parts, hardware, auto-coding, telecommunication products, plastic components, integrated circuit (IC) industry, pottery ware, instrumentation and measuring tool etc..

         Working Samples

     Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine

    metal marking machine

    marking machine

         Technical Parameters


    Laser type

    YAG diode side-pump laser


    Laser power



    Standard marking area

    110mm 110mm


    Optional marking area

    220mm 220mm


    Working table

    Manuel up and down aluminium alloy working table


    Marking speed



    Cooling system

    1.6KW  water chiller


    Control system

    Digital offline control


    Galvo positioning precision



    Power supply

    AC220V 5% / 50/60Hz


    Format support

    AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.


    Optional collocation

    75W / 100W YAG diode side-pump laser,

    Rotary system

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